We're building a safer community for Australian pets

At Tag'd, we're getting lost pets home faster. We have created pet tags with digital chips that can be scanned with many smart phones. This means that lost pets can be returned home WITHOUT a trip to the Vet, RSPCA or Pound to have the chip read.

Our system works with any mobile phone and you can either use an NFC device and scan our pet tags, or jump online to register your Pet as part of the Tag'd National Registry.

Should your Pet go missing, our pet tags have the information needed to reunite you with your furry friend as quickly as possible.

How does it work?

Purchase a Tag'd pet tag for each pet that you wish to register. Using your NFC enabled mobile device, scan the pet tag and enter some details about you and your Pet.

Don't have an NFC enabled device? That's ok. Your tags will still work, you'll just need to jump online to activate them.

Your information is stored in the Tag'd National Registry and should your pet go missing, your details can be retrieved and used to reunite you with your Pet.

Are there any hidden costs?

The only costs associated with the Tag'd system is the cost of the tag itself. The Tag'd National Registry and Tag'd Lost Pet Call Centre are free services that assist to reunite you with your Pets as quickly as possible.

What is NFC technology?

Near Field Communication (NFC) technology is a technology that uses RFID to allow an NFC enabled device (reader) to read data from the Tag'd NFC chip. The device is simply waved in front of the pet tag and the tag's data is sent to the device. Most mobile devices are NFC enabled (including smart phones, tablets and some laptops), which mean you will be able to use the tag's swipe capabilities.

Need more information?

We're here to help. Contact us for any further queries about Tag'd.

Want to promote your brand on our tags?

We can supply our tags with your branding and logos. Want to see your logos on our digitally chipped pet tags? Contact us here.

Want to become a Tag'd reseller?

Opportunities exist for businesses or indiviuals to purchase our tags at a wholesale price. Contact us for more information.